Building a new Custom Home Resource

Custom Home Building Resource Guide Most of us daydream about having a custom home built for us at some point or another.  We may spend years both dreaming and slowly accumulating the necessary down payment to purchase our first home, or hopefully to acquire a piece of land on which to build our luxury dream home.  Working with a residential builder, or contractor, to start drafting up a building plan is always a great way to jump-start the creative process.  However, before you get too comfortable with a single contractor, you will want to keep a little distance while your perform thorough due diligence as the best con men are the smoothest talkers.  The quality of craftsmen is tremendous and you don’t want to discover your mistake halfway through a project of this scope!  Be sure to end the project with a replica of your dreams instead of having a big costly nightmare on your hands! Oklahoma Real Estate Hiring a custom contractor, or builder, will help boost your focus, creative insights and momentum.  It’s as if you shared this dream with a best friend who is now going to be your personal coach until your amazing new home is completed!  They are as motivated as you are to see it become a reality.  Once you have found the right custom builder you will be able to relax as a true professional knows how to make the process a smooth one which is no small feat! When researching the top contractor for your job, there are few things to consider: Discovering the Top Custom Builders in Ok If you go online you will be able to discover the residential home contractors, and builders, who have earned the highest ratings on various platforms.  The Better Business Bureau – BBB – is one such resource.  Of course, you can explore Yelp, private websites, forums and local Chambers of Commerce for more feedback.  Use your intuition regarding whether certain testimonials feel authentic, or not, and double check that they actually operate in your locale.  Talking to their past clients will help you get a feel for what the experience was like for them. Once you have created a substantial, and high quality list you will want to get as much information on each one as is possible – their experience on the job, client satisfaction and how they price their work. Builder Associations can be a good place to start Local Building Authorities and associations will generally be quite happy to help keep you on the right path when it comes to making your final decision – this should not be a quick decision!  You will want to let them advise regarding the contractors who have tarnished their reputations and have not taken care of past clients.  Professional builders will likely be members of these groups and they take great care to maintain their reputations in their communities. Robust financials Having a sense that your home builder has his financials together is rather important.  The last thing you want is for your builder to be distracted from his work due to gnawing issues unrelated to your project.  You want him to be distraction free and fully focused on your dream, not his banks.  Lets avoid delays and go with a financially healthy builder. Evidence of previous experience, degrees and certificate trainings are important to verify. It only stands to reason that you make the effort to verify credentials and any honest tradesman will take any such request in stride.  Someone who has something to hide my not be as forthcoming.  Just be a little wary and it will pay dividends.  Remember, once you have found the right qualified custom builder Edmond you will be able to relax so stick with the process and you will be in good shape.  Someone with at least 6 yrs experience is a good starting point as well. Checklist: It is best if the contractor you have chosen has a degree in construction, has a clean criminal record and is good at communicating!  Communication in a project like this is all important so test the water a little on this front before making a commitment.  Setting up a tour of previous homes, of reviewing portfolios will give you a chance to test the builders professionalism and common sense in communication.  Watch out for the shady characters and you should do well! Resource for Home Builders by State: Oklahoma –